What I Learned About Moonstone

I’ve been in the jewelry business for over 40 years and it never ceases to amaze me that there are still things to be learned every day in this business. Recently, with the arrival of two vintage Moonstone Estate pieces to our store, I’ve been learning about the history and significance of this interesting stone.

A Little History on Moonstone

Moonstone found its way into jewelry before anyone can remember. It was often used as a small accent stone, but it became a more substantial focal point in the early 1900s during the Art nouveau period.

Here are examples of some moonstone jewelry. Both pieces are vintage from the 1950s.  The first piece is a pair of retro Moonstone earrings with Sapphire accents in 14 karat yellow gold, pierced with omega clip backs.

The second piece is a pair of large retro Moonstone and Sapphire clip brooches.  Both pieces are similarly set in a brilliant yellow gold that wraps around the stones, hugging them like an ocean wave.

What to Look For in a Moonstone

The best Moonstones display a colorless, semi to nearly transparent appearance, and a vivid blue adularescence. Adularescence is the light that appears to billow across a gemstone, giving it an ethereal glow, or a blue sheen.

The more transparent and colorless the body, and the bluer the adularescence, the higher the value of the stone. Both of our Estate pieces are extremely high quality and feature Moonstones that fall under this classification. They are truly exceptional pieces that can be worn casually and enjoyed every day or dressed up for very special occasions.

Ensuring Authenticity in Your Moonstone

Lovers of Moonstone should be careful to only buy from reputable, trustworthy jewelers when purchasing. Because Moonstones can come in a variety of colors from colorless to gray, yellow, green, and even pink, some sellers will try to pass off other lesser stones or crystals as Moonstones. Opalite, for example, is a man-made glass that is made to look like Opal and Moonstone, but it’s not a natural gemstone or even a crystal. Rainbow Moonstones have also become increasing popular, and although they’re a colorful and vibrant, they’re actually a transparent form of Labradorite.

Fun Facts and Healing Properties of Moonstone

Moonstone has been associated with both the Greek and Roman lunar deities, and is often associated with love, passion, and fertility.  It is considered a healing stone, believed to bring good luck, inner peace, harmony, balance, and confidence. Many spiritual astrologers believe it can even enhance one’s intuition and is particularly favored by water Zodiac signs to bring a sense of order and internal balance.

I also discovered this week that Moonstone is one of three birthstones for the month of June. Both of these lovely pieces would make a wonderfully unique June birthday gift, or a “just because” treat for any stylish woman that appreciates fine vintage jewelry.

Of course, Moonstone can be treasured simply because it’s beautiful. If you love the retro look of Moonstone, you can’t go wrong adding a timeless vintage treasure to your collection. It’s as versatile as it is lovely, and I hope it will become a staple you don’t leave your home without.                                                                    

- Jacob