Lapis Lazuli Yellow Gold Clip On Small Button Earrings



Lapis lazuli and yellow gold clip on small button earrings circa 1970.  Clear and concise information you want to know is listed below.  Contact us right away if you have additional questions.  We are here to connect you with beautiful and affordable jewelry.


GEMSTONES:  two oval cabochon-cut lapis lazuli.

METAL:  18-karat yellow gold with 14-karat yellow gold omega clips.

WEIGHT:  7.4 grams.

EARRING BACKS:  omega clips.

MEASUREMENTS:  approximately 9/16” (14 mm) long and 7/16” (11.5 mm) wide overall.

CONDITION:  high magnification photographs show design details, and that these lapis lazuli clip-on gold earrings are in exceptionally good condition, all consistent with age and wear.