French Antique Long Gold Chain Necklace



Antique French long gold chain necklace circa 1900. The 18-karat gold design comprises a series of handcrafted open work links completed by a slightly oversized clasp. We love the design of the links, their dimensionality, each encencapsulating a curled strand of gold, and we love that this antique long chain looks and feels completely modern, that it is very long and has a clasp that makes it very easy to wear it many ways: all the way long, doubled, tripled, maybe more. We like that quality of it very much and that no matter how you wear it, it looks chic and elegant. A single simple chain that can do all that! Very pristine condition consistent with age and wear. Celebrate Yourself and consider making this necklace a little treat for Yourself today. Make Yourself Happy. And if that won’t be the case, imagine just how Happy you will make that special person in your life by gifting this beautiful, antique, French long chain as a token of your loving care and affection. Imagine the surprise itself, the joy!  It will make you happy too. Knowing that you have chosen with love in mind. For over thirty years Jacob’s Diamond & Estate Jewelry has been in the business of making people happy by selling a carefully curated collection of antique and estate jewelry. That is what is all about, from our good taste to yours.  Cheers!

DIMENSIONS: 59 ½” long with spring clasp.

WEIGHT: 36.6 grams