Boulder Black Opal Diamond Platinum Cocktail Ring



Bolder black opal diamond and platinum cocktail ring circa 1990. *  Love it because it caught your eye, and we are here to connect you with beautiful and affordable jewelry.  Decorate Yourself!  Simple and concise information you want to know is listed below.  Contact us right away if you have additional questions.  It is important that we find an ideal home for this outrageously gorgeous bolder black opal cocktail ring.


GEMSTONES:  one free-form Boulder black opal weighing approximately 19.73 carats displaying peacock-like shades of green, blue, and dark orange to brown depending on the angle of vision.

DIAMONDS:  four round brilliant-cut diamonds totaling approximately 0.04 carat.

METAL:  platinum.

WEIGHT:   21.8 grams.

MEASUREMENTS:  approximately 1-5/16” (3.30 cm) wide vertical to the fingernail and by 7/8” (2.20 cm) wide across the finger overall.

RING SIZE:  approximately 6+.

CONDITION:  high magnification photographs show design details and that the items is in exceptionally good condition consistent with age and wear.

* NOTE:  the platinum mounting is completely asymmetrical with elaborate pierced work in the gallery, visible in the photographs. Very beautifully made.

Why not make someone Happy?  Yourself, or a special person in your life.  It cannot be denied that there is a force within this kaleidoscopic boulder black opal and platinum cocktail ring capable of unleashing feelings of joy in the heart, feelings of celebration and that life is rich and sweet!  Jewelry can be a lot of fun!  In either case, it is our sincere desire that it becomes a treasure, a source of pleasure and pride every time it is worn.

For over thirty-five years, Jacob’s Diamond and Estate Jewelry has been in the business of making people happy by selling a carefully curated collection of antique and estate jewelry, wearable art.  We believe in the power of estate jewelry to be gratifying and luxurious, good quality, usually at an exceptionally good value with the added potential of becoming tomorrow’s heirlooms.  That is what it is all about, from our good taste to yours.  Cheers!

Boulder black opal diamond and platinum cocktail ring circa 1990.