Art Deco Jabot Diamond Platinum Brooch



Art Deco diamond and platinum jabot brooch circa 1925. Jacob's Diamond & Estate Jewelry.

ABOUT THIS ITEM:  #P-DJ131E. Scroll down for detailed specifications.  Jabot pins have been in use for centuries.  They are characterized by having two parts, like a stick pin with two ends, one detachable at the pointed end.  During the Art Deco period, they gained popularity, usually crafted in platinum and adorned with diamonds and a variety of other gems.  Ours is full of diamonds and detaches from the shorter end.  Note that the pin stem is notched (see photo) at the pointed end allowing it to lock securely.  It can only be opened by pulling on that end.  We are showing it pinned to a piece of cloth to illustrate how it looks when worn.


DIAMONDS:  sixty-three diamonds totaling approximately 1.40 carat.

METAL:  platinum and 14-karat gold in the pin stem.

WEIGHT:  5.7 grams.

MEASUREMENTS:  approximately 2-5/8” (6.67 cm) long including the gap and 5/8” (1.59 cm) wide overall.

CONDITION:  high magnification photographs show considerable design details, and this jabot brooch is in good condition, all consistent with age and wear.

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