Panther Yellow Gold Brooch



Gold diamond and ruby panther brooch by Guyot circa 1970. *

ABOUT THIS ITEM:  #P5029. Scroll down for specifications.  No matter which angle you look at this panther brooch, you will be impressed by how perfectly the artist captured the silence and stealth of a big cat, materializing it in gold, rubies in its eyes, and a small round diamond by its front paw.  All the action is packed into the silhouette, the bit cat’s essence, the head hung low, ready to pounce in an instant with concentrated and deliberate direction.  It could be any of the big cats, a panther, a cheetah, a leopard, one of our own mountain lions, but never a lion. A lion would be a very different brooch.  Marvelous.


DIAMOND:  one round brilliant-cut diamond.

GEMSTONES:  two faceted round rubies.

METAL:  18-karat yellow gold.

WEIGHT:  13 grams.

HALLMARKS:  signed Guyot.

MEASUREMENTS:  approximately 1-7/8” (4.76 cm) by ¾” (1.90 cm) overall.

CONDITION:  high magnification photographs show considerable design details, and that the item is in good condition, all consistent with age and wear.

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