1970s Gold Knotted Rope Bracelet



Gold knotted rope bracelet circa 1970. Designed as a bright 18-karat yellow gold rope tied in a series of large open knots, this is a chunky-gold-bracelet-lover's dream come true. Definitely makes a statement with its colossal size and unique design. It stands out as an elegant and refined jewel, like the person wearing it. 18-karat yellow gold, 91.3 grams. You can have it all. Make someone happy! Make yourself happy!! You deserve it. For over three decades Jacob's Diamond & Estate Jewelry has been in the business of selling a carefully curated collection of genuine antique and estate jewelry.

DIMENSIONS: 8 1/4" long, 15/16" wide and approximately 11/16" high above the wrist. 91.3 grams.