English 1830s Georgian Pink Topaz Gold Choker

English 1830s Georgian choker set with pink topaz and chrysoberyl mounted in 18-karat gold.  A choker is a tight fitting necklace meant to be worn high on the neck.  This magnificent sample features elaborate plaques at the clasp and front center both decorated with cannetille and set with pink topaz, connected by a delicate ribbon of woven gold.  The front center plaque is further enhanced by a detachable teardrop shaped pendant set with additional pink topaz and a pair of round chrysoberyl all highlighted by more cannetille work, very typical of the period when it was made.  The jewel is in very pristine condition, a treasure from across the centuries.  There is a slight deficiency to the pink topaz in the center plaque, visible in the photograph under high magnification, but not noticeable to the naked eye.  Wearing this choker is bound to shift into high gear the feeling-like-a-princess feeling.  Given the economic and social class conditions of the period, it is very possible the jewel was commissioned for a real royal princess.  


DIMENSIONS:  13" long and 1/2" wide at the ribbon section, the detachable pendant approximately 1 7/16" vertical width and 11/16" horizontal width.

Reference Number: N-G41517

Period: Georgian

Price: $7,900.00

Condition: Excellent consistent with age and wear

Metal Type: 18-Karat Gold

Stone(s): Chrysoberyl Pink Topaz

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