David Webb Capricorn Gold Belt Buckle

David Webb Capricorn gold belt buckle set circa 1960.  Comprising the buckle and coordinated belt loop, crafted in 18-karat yellow gold. The profile of Capricorn astrological symbol in relief on the buckle portion.  A textured finish decorates the belt loop portion of the set.  Remember Shirley Bassey singing...

"I Capricorn,

Child of the morning,

Climber of rainbows,

Rider of winds.

And I have summer days to squander,

Seven lives to live,

All the fires of winter,

All my love to give.

I Capricorn..."


That was back in the 70's.  Still sounds good today.  Like this buckle from the 60's, looks really good today.  Always will.


DIMENSIONS:  13/16" vertical width, 1 1/4" horizontal width, belt loop 13/16" vertical width and 7/16" horizontal width.


Reference Number: P4584

Period: 1960s

Signed By: David Webb

Price: SOLD

Condition: Excellent consistent with age and wear

Metal Type: 18-Karat Gold

(213) 627-0072