1870s 15 Karat Gold Victorian Circular Brooch

English, circular and slightly domed 15-karat gold Victorian brooch, circa 1870.  Avant-garde.  Isn't this incredible?  The lines are so modernistic that it is easy to think that it is a design more in line with Mid-Century styling, but look carefully.  It is Victorian all the way.   Examine all the hand fabricated details... the game of spheres that is at play here.  Count them.  There are twenty-one in all, and then there are circles within circles.  Is it a riddle?  Could be.  In any case, it is most definitely a very unique and attractive brooch, timeless  aesthetically and conceptually.  It is all Geometry!

DIMENSIONS:  1 1/2" diameter.

Reference Number: P4545

Period: Victorian

Price: SOLD

Condition: Excellent consistent with age and wear

Metal Type: 15-Karat Gold

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